Homeschool Scholarships

Admission into colleges or universities is usually granted to students based on their previous achievements in school. But where does this leave young people coming from alternative systems of education, such as the ones who have been home-schooled?

These generous scholarships, offered by several colleges, universities and other funding bodies, target precisely such minority groups.

Led by the conviction that everyone should receive equal rights to learning and education, these organizations take into consideration the diversity of educational methods, and offer generous support to promising persons who, for various reasons, did not follow a mainstream path in their development.

Several grants and scholarships providing financial help to graduating high-school students and undergraduate freshmen who apply for a higher educational program at the Covenant College, Georgia.
One hundred annual $5,000 Excellence Scholarships awarded to Wisconsin high school graduates or homeschooled students on the basis of their leadership and citizenship skills, school and community involvement and academic achievement with the purpose of encouraging them to pursue postsecondary edu...
Eighteen annual scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 to Virginia high-school juniors or seniors and homeschooled students able to write outstanding analytical essays about positive or negative aspects of the character, career and legacy of General Robert E. Lee and/ General Thomas J. ‘Ston...
Thirteen annual scholarships (one of $5,000/year, four of $2,500/year, and eight of $1,000/year) awarded to talented high-school seniors students intending to begin their college or university education in the Fall semester of [nextyear].

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