Wisconsin Architects Foundation Out-of-State Study Scholarship

The Wisconsin Architects Foundation offers scholarships to outstanding Wisconsin students.

Full Description

The number of scholarships and amounts vary, but usually, the awarded scholarships have been in the range of $1,000 to $1,500 each.

Who's eligible?

The Wisconsin Architects Foundation determines the criteria for eligibility, so only those who meet them should apply.

The student must have received his/her high school diploma from a Wisconsin high school.

The student must be currently attending or planning to attend a NAAB-accredited school of architecture within a First Professional Degree or Post-graduate degree program.

You should know that the preference will be given to those candidates who have not previously been awarded a Wisconsin Architects Foundation scholarship.

How to Apply

As a part of the application process, you will need to submit the required documents.

The first document is the completed application form, as well as a demonstration of graduation from a Wisconsin high school which can be a copy of diploma or equivalent

Furthermore, you are supposed to provide a copy of the most current transcript (GPA) and board scores (SAT, GRE or similar) and one Letter of Recommendation from a teacher.

You are also required to write a brief essay about 500 words long in which you will be describing your interests in the scholarship.

This is not all, as you need to submit a copy of the acceptance letter to the NAAB-accredited program.

Last, but not least, you have to provide a portfolio representing exemplary work, including internship work that you have undertaken which should be submitted in an electronic format.

The portfolio must be no more than 10 MB, a pdf file and you should use the horizontal format in your design.

Also, it has to include a cover page with your first and last name.

All of the above-mentioned materials can be either sent in a single envelope to:

Wisconsin Architects Foundation Scholarship Committee,

321 S. Hamilton Street Madison, WI 53703-4000 or, send via Hightail.com.

Deadline for receipt of materials is May 15.

The Scholarship Committee of the Wisconsin Architects Foundation will notify students by June 30.

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