Bethesda Auxiliary Scholarships

Bethesda Auxiliary Scholarships are awarded by the Bethesda Auxiliary in partnership with Bethesda whose main goal is sharing the love of Jesus with people who have developmental disabilities.

An outstanding amount of $30,000 in awards will be given to 10 students nationwide who plan to enhance the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

That way, the organization supports young generations in their plans to enhance the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Full Description

Bethesda is a national Christian organization that has been providing homes and services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities since its foundation in 1904.

US citizens can apply for the Bethesda Lutheran Community scholarship program from Bethesda Auxiliary College.

Who's eligible?

For the candidates to be accepted as possible scholarship winners, the criteria set by the scholarship committee has to be met.

A person must be an active, communicant member of a Lutheran congregation.

Also, he/she must be a current college senior, accepted to begin seminary studies in the fall, or currently be classified as a first-year or second-year student at any seminary affiliated with the WELS, LCMS, ELCA, LCMC, ELS or NALC.

Students going on to their internship/vicarage year do not qualify.

Last, but not least, he/she must have a commitment to the inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities within the local parish.

Criteria for this competitive scholarship include a demonstration of academic achievement through a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, service hours spent working with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and a career plan that includes work and advocacy in the field of developmental disabilities.

How to Apply

Once you determine your eligibility, you should know how to apply for the Bethesda Auxiliary Scholarships.

You are supposed to visit the official website, find the appropriate link and download the application form.

You are required to fill it out and write a 250-300 word essay on how the intended academic course of study will support your career in the field of intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.

The deadline for the application submission is May 17th.

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