The Rick and Sherry Murray Medical Futures Scholarship

The Rick and Sherry Murray Medical Futures Scholarship is created in honor of Rick and Sherry who were known for their charitable work and philanthropic giving in the Jacksonville area.

The Rick and Sherry Murray Medical Futures Scholarship today helps the immediate family members of those who are living with ALS or have lost their battle.

Full Description

What you need to pay attention to is to submit the application package prior to the deadline on July 12th.

The scholarship award is given per semester, up to $5,000, based on program tuition and can be used for in or out-of-state schools.

However, they must only be used for payment of tuition, and they will be paid to an institution or corporation, and not directly to a recipient.

Award recipients may reapply each year until they have received $5,000 in total.

Who's eligible?

The Rick and Sherry Murray Medical Futures Scholarship has the aim to support those students who have or have had a spouse, parent, or grandparent diagnosed with ALS, or better known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

The students need to pursue a degree in the medical profession and be legal residents of Florida.

So, the only eligible people are those who are currently majoring in any medically-related degree or attending any medically-related certification program and who are accepted to school full-time The eligible schools are accredited two-year or four-year colleges or universities, or vocational-technical schools located in the U.S.

How to Apply

Being that you have determined your eligibility, you can now apply for this award.

Those interested students are supposed to complete an application and mail it with their official transcript of grades which will include student name, school name, degree program, grade and credit hours earned for each course, and term in which each course was taken.

Then, the requirement is that the student must write a 500-word essay in which he/she will speak about his/her experience with ALS and how it has impacted him/her.

Last but not least, two letters of recommendation are mandatory

The completed application packages must be mailed to 3242 Parkside Center Circle, Tampa, FL, 33619.

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