SOM Foundation Structural Engineering Research Fellowship

The SOM Foundation Structural Engineering Research Fellowship is a $20,000 award which is designed to support the aesthetic potential in the structural design of buildings and bridges.

Full Description

It is awarded to a gifted graduate who will conduct independent research and travel to select cities to study how structures can positively respond to humanizing density in our cities.

Who's eligible?

Those who would like to apply for this scholarship should know that they first need to meet the eligibility criteria so as to be accepted as regular applicants.

The requirements set by the scholarship committee are the following.

Applicant must be graduating with a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or Ph.D. in civil or architectural engineering with a specialization in structural engineering from a professionally accredited degree program at a U.S. school.

Candidates must intend to enter the professional practice of structural engineering in the field of buildings or bridges.

U.S. citizenship is not required for this scholarship.

How to Apply

The application process is made easy, so that everyone interested and eligible can apply.

Candidates must be nominated by the dean or department chair via U.S. mail using the nomination form attached or on the website.

All the forms that you submit must be received before December 11th as forms received after this time may not be considered.

An identification number will be assigned to each candidate and should be included on each page of the submission.

The winner will be notified before, March 9th.

The documentation that has to be submitted is: the completed Cover Sheet, a sealed Letter of Recommendation on school letterhead from a faculty member in which he/she will speak about the student’s specific strengths and how the award will further his/her growth and an essay in which the applicant will describe his/her interest in the role of aesthetics, innovation, efficiency and economy in structural design of both building and bridge structures and it should include additional images that support the thesis.

Essays should be two to four pages, typewritten and double-spaced with the appropriate heading, subheading, labeling and footnoting, and with the included assigned identification number on each page.

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