NEWH Green Voice Design Competition $7,500 Scholarship

The NEWH Green Voice Design Competition provides students with the chance to present their design skills while utilizing the very best in sustainable design products and practices and get some money at the same time which they will use for their educational purposes.

Full Description

The scholarship award is available thanks to generous donors – the NEWH Friends of Green Voice sponsors.

Who's eligible?

The first thing that comes into one’s mind when thinking about any kind of scholarship is the eligibility requirements.

The scholarship is awarded only to a currently enrolled student with past, current or upcoming debt through your college for tuition or program approved books/supplies and the funds are mailed directly to student’s college.

The NEWH Green Voice Design Competition is designed only for the Interior Design or Architecture students who are undergraduate in a 4-year program or graduate students attending an accredited college.

The scholarship will be awarded to up to 2 students majoring in Interior Design or Architecture who may work together as a team and they will have to split the $7,500 scholarship.

Each student would receive paid travel and lodging to the awards event if awarded, being that winners are obliged to attend the awards event which is held in May annually at HD Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.

You are suggested not to apply if you do not meet the above-mentioned eligibility requirements, being that your application will be rejected.

How to Apply

It is very important that you follow the guidelines each year, being that the competition criteria changes.

So as to take part in this competition, students must complete a dynamic, creative, cutting edge design utilizing the very best products and technologies which encompass sustainable topics such as site selection, water efficiency, energy conservation, products/materials, and indoor environmental quality.

All work must be the student’s original work and the judges will select the most deserving candidate as a winner based on their professional appearance.

All submitted projects must include a Project Submittal Form and must be submitted prior to the deadline on January 3rd.

First, there will be five finalists selected who will move on to be judged by a panel of professional industry judges.

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