JWU Lodging Management Scholarship

The JWU Lodging Management Scholarship is available thanks to the JWU which is pleased to offer a number of programs that assist students in paying for college through a wide variety of scholarships and grants.

That way they are not only helping young learners reach higher education but at the same time, they are investing in the better future of the country.

Students studying through the College of Online Education are ineligible for JWU institutional scholarships, JWU institutional grants, and JWU institutional awards.

Full Description

This award is renewable for up to four years, meaning that the winner can get up to $8000 if he/she keeps on meeting the criteria for the renewal.

The amount of scholarships awarded for participation in specific high school curricula is limited to one per student.

Who's eligible?

So as to be considered as a possible scholarship recipient of the JWU Lodging Management Scholarship you must meet the requirements.

First, the eligible applicant is a person accepted as an incoming student who participated in a lodging management curriculum.

And it is good to know that the recipients are determined based upon participation in the lodging management curriculum.

The applicant must be accepted to JWU as a full-time, undergraduate student.

How to Apply

If you meet the eligibility requirements you should apply for admission and indicate membership.

The significant thing to remember is the deadline date, being that late applications are to be rejected.

The application form must be fully completed so as to be accepted.

Besides the personal information which you can either print or type, you are supposed to provide some high school information.

Furthermore, there will be some questions that you are obliged to answer, such as:

  • Have you applied for admission to Johnson & Wales University?
  • What campus do you plan on attending?
  • If you are a junior in high school, are you applying for the Early Enrollment program?
  • Where did you complete your internship?

Once you complete all the required fields, you are supposed to return the application to National Student Organizations Office, Johnson & Wales University, 8 Abbott Park Place, Providence, RI 02903.

You must apply for admission prior to November 1st.

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