Workforce Pathways Scholarship

Trident Technical College (TTC) Division of Continuing Education and Economic Development offers the Workforce Pathways Scholarship for fall classes and the scholarship can be applied to the following programs: healthcare, information technology, manufacturing, and professional development.

Full Description

Trident Technical College (TTC) Division of Continuing Education and Economic Development is offering the Workforce Pathways Scholarship whose funds can be used to pay for academic courses at Trident Technical College.

The scholarship money can be used by students to pay for class tuition only and it does not include textbooks, testing fees, materials, etc.

Who's eligible?

If you are eager to apply for this award, but you do not know whether you are eligible for it or not, you should have in mind the fact that the eligibility for a scholarship is not based on financial need or prior academic performance.

The scholarship is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

However, there are certain eligibility requirements that have to be met.

Those interested in applying for the scholarship must currently reside in South Carolina.

Furthermore, the applicants must also be able to meet the physical and program requirements of their chosen program of study.

How to Apply

The Workforce Pathways Scholarship is open for applications beginning July 15th so do not wait for the last moment to apply.

Late applications will not be taken into consideration, even though the applicant is eligible.

If you want to apply, you should visit, click on Funding Opportunities and review the basic requirements of the Workforce Pathways Scholarship.

The next step is to determine your top three choices of programs to enter and identify class dates for those programs that fit your schedule.

Then, you should come in person to Trident Technical College’s Thornley Campus, 7000 Rivers Ave., North Charleston. Visit Bldg. 910 to speak with one of the registration specialists who will give you a scholarship application form.

It is important that you collect all required proof documents and complete your application form, as well as bring the application form and proof documents back to Bldg. 910 and give the materials to the registration office.

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