Webucator Scholarships for Computer Science Students

Webucator’s Scholarships established a scholarship program which aims to provide assistance to students who are taking up Computer Science. The award will be given to qualified students who has displayed leadership potential in the field of Computer Science. Leadership can be exhibited in a variety of ways such as education, innovation and communication. The scholarship is open to all students who wish to take or is currently taking up Computer Science and has the aim of utilizing their knowledge to provide leadership in their field of expertise.

Full Description

$1,000 worth of Webucator Scholarships is awarded annually to qualified students who is planning or is currently taking up Computer Science as their major. If you have leadership capabilities that can be shown in a variety of ways in this field then you are welcome to apply. The award will be paid directly through the winner’s chosen accredited university. Deadline for the submission of entries is on March 31 every year.

Who's eligible?

The following are the criteria for the scholarship eligibility:

  • Student should be currently enrolled full time as an undergraduate or is taking up a master’s degree program in any accredited university in the US
  • has finished at least one computer science class with good academic standing (least 3.0 out of 4.0 or the equivalent)
  • has definite plans of taking up computer science in the coming school year
  • should agree on posting his name and his university on Webucator’s official website.

How to Apply

These are the application requirements for the scholarship:

  • student’s contact details including name, address, college major, university name and website, matriculation and graduation date
  • accomplished resume
  • copy of his latest transcript of records
  • referral letter from his computer science professor (should be sent directly to scholarships@webucator.com by the professor himself, indicating the subject Letter of Referral for {Name of the Sudent}
  • a written essay with 250-350 words stating how you will make use of computer science in your chosen career

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