Vocational Training HQ’s Scholarship

This is a scholarship which is awarded each year to four deserving students who are in need of it, so as to be able to reach higher education goals.

Full Description

Vocational Training HQ’s Scholarship amount is $1,000 and it is given to students attending universities, colleges, and other academic and non-academic institutions across the U.S.

This scholarship is not awarded based on your field of study, but the money will be sent directly to your institution.

Who's eligible?

Just as with any other scholarship, there have to be some application requirements, so that it can be determined who is the right candidate for it.

You are encouraged to apply only if you meet the eligibility criteria.

  • All applicants must be U.S. citizens.
  • They must be under the age of 40.
  • They have to show proof of enrollment to their place of study.

How to Apply

The application process is very simple and easy to follow.

In order to apply for the Vocational Training HQ’s Scholarship, you are supposed to download the application form, print it and fill it out.

The application form will require that you enter your cumulative grade point average (GPA), to list any academic honors, awards and membership activities while in high school and to list your non-school sponsored volunteer activities in the community.

As a part of the application is to write an essay which will be 250 – 400 words long, in which you will answer the questions: How has volunteer or community service shaped who you are and what has community service taught you?

The essay should also speak about any challenges or obstacles you have dealt with and overcome in life and how this will help you succeed in your studies.

All these documents should be scanned and sent via email to scholarship@vocationaltraininghq.com with your contact information.

It is important to know that the deadline for application submission is December 31st.

If you submit your documentation after that date, you will become the applicant for the next year as the scholarship is annually awarded.

The lucky winners will be announced by March 5th and will be notified about the award.

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