Valley Humanities Review High School Scholarship

The valley Humanities Review High school scholarship aims at encouraging research in the humanities.

The scholarship comes with $5,00 money award, for the winner of the announced essay contest. Undergraduate students have the opportunity of benefiting from the monetary award, as well as honing their research abilities.

Full Description

The development of effective research skills at the undergraduate level of study is more often than not neglected in the publication of scholarly work. According to the valley Humanities Review, professors are detached form their students in the course of making journal and book publications for the humanities. The organization goes on to note that this is a global problem.

The encouragement of research skills among undergraduate students will prove an invaluable skills in their current and future scholarly work. The prize money associated with the scholarship will go toward improvement of research endeavors in the humanities.

Who's eligible?

The valley Humanities Review gives an opportunity to students for participation in the essay competition. Eligible candidates for application for the scholarship need to:

  • Be high school students involved in research within the humanities,
  • Students enrolled for undergraduate humanities studies at Lebanon Valley College.

How to Apply

Individuals eligible for the scholarship award are encouraged to send their applications. The application process calls for:

  • Submission of an error-free 2,500 to 6,000 word research paper in the humanities,
  • Correct formatting of submitted papers, using the Chicago formatting style
  • One essay entry per applicant
  • Applications should be sent through the given email address.

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