Travel Safe Abroad Scholarship Program

Travel Safe Abroad is a team of full-time travelers who are sharing safety tips with the people who are interested in traveling all around the world.

They do not only help the travelers by offering helpful information about various places on the Earth, but being that education is considered an important part of every person’s life, and there are many people who cannot afford it, Travel Safe – Abroad has also decided to offer $1000 scholarship to one deserving student which can be used for expensive educational costs.

Full Description

The Travel Safe – Abroad decided to give the very first scholarship to students who pursue their educational goals every year and hope to be able to double the amount next year.

Who's eligible?

The eligibility requirements are not too demanding, as they want to help a student who really needs financial support for his/her studies.

The scholarship is designed for both undergraduate students and graduate students.

The only requirement is that they are enrolled in a full-time degree program in an accredited college or graduate school.

How to Apply

If you believe that you are eligible for this scholarship, you are encouraged to apply for it and the process is very simple.

The steps are easy to follow and the link for the application form can be found on the official website.

By clicking there you can download the scholarship application form, which requires that you write an essay of at least 1,200 words on the topic: “How to stay safe when you travel abroad” and to provide some personal information.

The personal information that you should mention is your full name, your school name, phone number, and email address.

This must be submitted before December 31st, by sending it to in a Word format only.

Once the deadline passes the selected team will judge your essay on creativity and determine whether you deserve the award or not.

Each essay submitted will be manually reviewed and plagiarism is not allowed, so if the judges find out that you copied the material from somewhere, you application will be rejected.

Only one winner will be announced on January 20th and will be informed about this via e-mail.

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