Sandy Schenker Capell Scholarship

The Sandy Schenker Capell scholarship was established for the development of young talent in media, and honoring the work of Sandy Schenker Capell.

Interested applicants need to showcase their intention for pursuit of media and media-related courses at the higher learning level.

Full Description

The scholarship honors the work of Sandy Schenker Capell in meadia, through raising and mentoring students interested in media. Qualified and selected applicants are expected to exude skills such as leadership, commitment, motivation, and determination. Such qualities were synonymous with the life and times of Sandy.

The applicant awarded with the scholarship is given freedom of choice on the desirable way to spend the funding. However, recommendations for spending the award lie in favor of academic pursuit. The Media Alliance of Houston will remain crucial for the management of the scholarship, and raising funds for the particular course.

Who's eligible?

The eligibility criteria for the scholarship is set by the organization, which requires that the applicant:

  • Must be a high school senior interested in the pursuit of a career in media,
  • Residing in the Houston area,
  • Show commitment, Leadership, Motivation, and Determination

How to Apply

Candidates who are eligible for the scholarship can proceed with the application process. The application procedure follows the following steps:

  • Download application forms from the organization’s website,
  • Upload the complete application documents,
  • Attach essay of a given topic, in addition to High School Transcript.

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