NSHSS Earth Day Awards

The NSHSS Foundation scholarships have the aim to help reduce financial barriers for high school students who are preparing for upcoming careers in STEM majors, business, economics, public policy, and environmental science and sustainability and one of its scholarships is the NSHSS Earth Day Awards.

The NSHSS Foundation together with the Captain Planet Foundation (CPF) offers the Earth Day Award competition.

The competition is open to all high school students who recognize the importance of environmental stewardship, leadership, and volunteerism.

The scholarship total award is a cash prize of $5000 which will be awarded to the winning high school students.

Full Description

The project was launched in 2013 and since then the foundation has been offering this great award, as well as connecting young scholars with opportunities to advance their education and career interests.

You are required to submit everything prior to the application deadline on Mach 30th, and only the completed application packets will be taken into consideration.

The number of the winners is not specified and is determined annually, but usually, there are 10 winners who get a $500 award each.

Who's eligible?

Just like any other scholarship, there are certain eligibility requirements and not everybody should apply.

For an application to be considered for the scholarship, the applicant has to be a high school student with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Furthermore, applicants are required to submit details about an environmental project that they are currently working on and they need to provide a written explanation of the project especially how it will impact the future.

Submissions should include a video, painting, drawing, or collage that highlights the project.

How to Apply

Application Procedure for the Earth Day Award requires that the candidates submit the online application form.

However, the online application is not the only documentation that the candidate is expected to submit.

The supporting documents include a color headshot suitable for possible website posting which can be emailed to scholarships-at-nshssfoundation.org

Also, all the above mentioned documents that applicants are asked to submit have to be provided.

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