Joel Polsky Prize

The Joel Polsky Prize is offered each year and its aim is to support and emphasize outstanding academic contributions to interior design through print or digital communication which are achieved by deserving young people interested in this field.

The prize is made available thanks to the ASID Foundation who is the main sponsor of the award.

Full Description

The ASID Foundation, in partnership with ASID Industry Partners, provides a number of annual scholarships and grant opportunities.

The Joel Polsky Prize amount is $5,000 but the number of the lucky recipients is determined annually, depending on the fund and the quality of entries.

Who's eligible?

The organization is expecting submissions focusing on the impact of design on health and wellness which will be taken into consideration this year.

What you need to include in your submission are the needs of the public, designers, and students on topics such as educational research, behavioral science, business practice, design process, theory, or other technical subjects.

Types of submissions can be books, whitepapers, blogs, and videos.

The scholarship committee is there to determine which entry is the best of the best based on the innovation of subject matter, original coverage of topic, organization, graphic presentation, bibliography, and references.

If you think that you have an entry that is great enough to deserve this outstanding award, you are highly encouraged to apply and try your luck.

How to Apply

The application period starts in February and lasts until April, so make sure you have submitted all the mandatory documents prior to April 18th when the application procedure finishes.

Late and incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration, even though the applicant is eligible for the award.

In case you are thinking about applying for the Joel Polsky Prize, here are some application requirements that you have to meet but only if you find yourself eligible for this award.

You should provide a description of the publication or visual communication that would not be longer than 250, as well as a copy of the publication or visual communication.

Then, you should write a biographical statement and submit a headshot of yourself.

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