Jean Kawecki Memorial Scholarship

The scholarship is named after Jean Kawecki who studied at Liverpool College of Art and began her artistic career as a freelance fashion illustrator.

She was the founding member of Studio Montclair, whose aim is to encourage emerging artists by offering them all means of help.

Full Description

Studio Montclair continued the tradition of helping young learners who struggle with financial need through the Jean Kawecki Memorial Scholarship, which is aimed to support an individual pursuing or furthering a career in the arts.

This $1,000 scholarship will help an art student who has been accepted to an accredited art institution or college and who express the greatest need for this award.

Once you go through the eligibility requirements and find yourself eligible, our suggestion is not to waste your time and try your luck applying for this amazing award.

Only one, the most deserving applicant, will get the award.

Who's eligible?

Just as any other scholarship committee determines the eligibility requirements, the Jean Kawecki Memorial Scholarship staff has decided that only eligible applicants will be considered for this award.

The criteria are the following:

The applicant must be a resident of NJ.

Applicants may be any age but must have graduated from high school.

The applicant must write a narrative essay in which he/she will be speaking about the financial need relating to their artistic work.

Applicants must show proof of acceptance to an accredited art institution or college which offers education related to the following subjects – art, fine arts, graphic design, fashion, photography, animation, etc.


How to Apply

Applicants must complete the application form and provide supporting documentation via the Studio Montclair website using the EntryThingy submission program.

Last, but not least, all applicants are required to submit ten to fifteen images of original artwork created in the past four years and this is considered the mort important part of the application process.

Application submission deadline is May 10th and if you are the lucky recipient, you will get a notification by email on May 31st.

All late applications will not be taken into consideration.

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