JASC-Nielsen STEM Scholarship

JASC Scholarship yearly awards students who excels in academics and community service both in High School and College. Three successful awardee are given the opportunity to avail the scholarship and aid the financial academic expenses.

The awardee must be a member of the Japanese American community as well as their parents in order to qualify.

Full Description

Americans and Japanese has nurtured a tradition with values and strong heritage. The main mission of the JASC is to give the community a good service through better education. The organization firmly believes that in order to have a good learning, one must learn the value of education and community service.

Such tradition laid a learning not only to gain a personal development but to nurture the community based aspects of living. JASC gives full support to students who excels both in academic and community involvement.

Who's eligible?

  • Membership to the JASC is a must for parents of high school students and personal involvement for college
  • A one year enrollment as selected scholar for senior high school and a full time regular student in college
  • Though it requires JASC membership but applicant need not to be a Japanese or US citizen
  • Must be a resident of Illinois for about one year before the graduation and graduated from the accredited school of Illinois
  • Submit application form based on the criteria given with attached transcript of records
  • Grants will be given to high school applicant when already enrolled in the advanced learning in college
  • Restrictions for the previous scholarship awardee to apply

How to Apply

Download scholarship application form found in the website and attached the following requirements needed

  • Transcript of records from school or university
  • Submit listed extracurricular activities with indicated strong leadership and activities accomplished
  • Community service proof in the JASC organization
  • One page essay related to the following topics : a) How can JASC be relevant to the applicant’s life? or, b) How has the JASC contributed to the applicant’s sense of self or personal growth?
  • Letter of recommendation from the school professor and the members of the JASC organization

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