Dronethusiast Global Drone Scholarship

A $500 need-based scholarship targeting high-school, undergraduate or graduate women students, enrolled in an American or international academic institution.

Full Description

Dronethusiast is a website which provides valuable information and insights to people who share the passion of flying drones for fun, take great photos and record amazing footage.

They offer a $500 scholarship to high-school, undergraduate or graduate female students who are choosing to pursue a science degree at any university worldwide. The scholarship is created for female students of all majors who can demonstrate need for financial assistance.

The applicants are required to write a one-page essay (in English or Spanish) about an idea on how to improve the environment, either globally or locally, by using Drone Technology.

Besides the essay, a reference letter in English or Spanish, a summary page and a statement of motivation (1 paragraph) arguing the student’s need for financial assistance are also required. The quality of the applications will be judged according to their authors’ individual determination and will to succeed, their future goals, detailed plans for achieving them, as well as the ability to express what problems they overcame or are currently facing.

The deadline for the application is December 1, 2024 and the reward will be distributed to the school’s financial office before February 1, 2025.

Who's eligible?

Applicants should be enrolled in a high school, or pursue an academic undergraduate or graduate degree at a college or university worldwide.

The applicants may be students of all majors and must demonstrate need for financial assistance.

How to Apply

The applicants must submit their essays via email by December 1, 2024 and include the following additional information/documentation:

  • Applicant’s name and contact information
  • Name, address and contract details of his/her school, college or university
  • A reference letter in Spanish or English
  • A paragraph demonstrating the candidate’s economical need for the scholarship

Since the payment of the award will be sent directly to the applicant’s school or college, the candidates are required to double-check the information regarding the financial department of their school which they include in the application

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