Dean Foods Company Scholarship

Dean Foods Company is the largest processor and distributor of fluid milk,  and is one of many organizations which is offering financial opportunities to help people in need, who are deserving students pursuing career in this industry.

The awards are offered annually to those students who are doing their best to achieve higher education plans and career goals, but at the same time struggle with financial difficulties related to the expensive education costs.

Full Description

If you happen to be the lucky recipient of the award, you can use the money to pay tuition, fees, books, and other educational necessities.

It cannot be used for any other purpose as the aim of the award is to support education.

Academic achievement, leadership, community service, and Supervised Agricultural Experience will determine the best candidate for this scholarship.

You are suggested not to waste your time waiting, but try your luck by applying for this amazing $1000 award and become one of 20 recipients.

Who's eligible?

The Dean Foods Company scholarship is one of the FFA Scholarships which is available for high school seniors or college students who are eager to pursue a four-year degree in dairy science, livestock management, sustainable agriculture, food science, and technology or vet sciences.

So as to be eligible for this award, the applicants must demonstrate strong leadership skills, financial need and proof of participation in community service.

You need to meet certain eligibility criteria and it includes that the applicant must be a high school senior or college student with financial need.

Both FFA members and non-members are eligible for this scholarship and highly suggested and encouraged to apply.

How to Apply

Interested and eligible applicants can apply for this scholarship via an application that can be found on the organization’s official website and which can be fully completed and submitted online.

You will have to open an account at the student’s Agricultural Career Network and what students find amazing is the fact that one application makes you an applicant for all FFA Scholarships and the system will match you with the one you are eligible for.

The application form can easily be filled out and submitted.

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