Cognizant Making the Future Scholarship

Cognizant’s financial and administrative support gives a full blast initiative in helping students and the community through its programs in order to enhance the education standards.

Full Description

To give the best intellectual sustainability through the educational process is what Cognizant Making the Future Scholarship aim. Its focus is to promote a quality education not only in the US but to the remote countries where financial stability is unglazed.

It is rooted in the STEM fields, the science, technology, engineering and Math are the outline bracket to develop. It’s been a record that STEM graduates are becoming less in n umber all throughout the world. There is a greater need of support to greater the number figuratively. So the Cognizant Making the Future Scholarship is there to help and support students and communities.

Who's eligible?

  • Students who belong to the underprivileged community with below average income
  • Those who are enrolled under the STEM programs
  • Must be a member of the community where Cognizant Making the Future Scholarship is based
  • High School students who wants to pursue college education but must take courses acnchored in STEM

How to Apply

Contact their email address stated in their website for further notice and information.

Scholarship listed under: Nursing Scholarships

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