Wyoming Space Grant Undergraduate Fellowships

Each year the Wyoming Space Grant Consortium (WSGC) awards fellowships to undergraduate students attending the University of Wyoming or one of Wyoming’s community colleges.

The main aim of this scholarship is to provide the student with the opportunity to do the research related to the science, math, engineering, and technology filed.

The number of recipients is determined each year depending on the number of applicants and the foundation’s financial capacities and the award is $5000.

Full Description

Thanks to this scholarship, students will be gaining valuable experience participating in a research project.

The award will be used as the student’s hourly wages at a rate of $10.00/hour while working on the research project.

If $5000 is too much for the wages, then funding can be used for supplies or travel necessary for the project can be requested.

The requirement is that the projects may begin in June and must be completed by the end of May of the following year.

Who's eligible?

When it comes to the eligibility requirements, not all applicants will be able to get the award.

Among all those eligible ones, the winner will be selected, based upon the selection criteria.

First, applicants need to meet the requirements which entail that the student is enrolled and in good standing at the University of Wyoming or one of Wyoming’s community colleges.

He/she must be a U.S. Citizen.

It is important that the faculty supervisor must have active status and/or plan to be on-site and readily available to the student.

Women and students from underrepresented groups are highly encouraged to apply.

How to Apply

The applicants are required to submit the completed applications to wsgc@uwyo.edu by the deadline.

The complete application consists of the Undergraduate Application form, Proposal Document and the Letter of recommendation which has to be submitted directly by the advisor.

The criteria for selecting the award recipient are based on the letter of recommendation and the proposals which have to be well written and include the following elements:

  • strong scientific justification;
  • a clear set of goals
  • an evaluation mechanism
  • a detailed time-line for achieving the goals outlined
  • expected duties/responsibilities of the student
  • an outlined budget for the project


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