USGIF’s RGi Geospatial and Engineering Scholarship

RGi Scholarship for Geospatial and Engineering is offering a $10,000 scholarship annually to one undergraduate student who has an interest in both the engineering and geospatial disciplines and also demonstrates financial need.

The organizations have noticed the importance of supporting young learners who struggle with financial difficulties throughout their education.

Full Description

USGIF’s Scholarship Program is offered annually to students studying geospatial intelligence and related fields with the aim to further the advancement of the geospatial tradecraft.

USGIF has partnered with Reinventing Geospatial Inc. (RGi) to be able to offer a new award considering the fact that RGi has a long history of supporting student growth and development.

Up to now, USGIF has awarded more than $1.1 million in scholarships.

Who's eligible?

This scholarship is only available for U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents, so if you are not one of them, you are suggested not to apply, as you will be rejected.

Besides being in your undergraduate studies, there are some other requirements that you need to meet.

In evaluating scholarship applications, USGIF will first look at your overall qualifications as demonstrated through academic course work and extracurricular activities and your demonstrated interests that relate to geospatial intelligence.

Also, your training and experience in the use of geospatial technologies can make you a more appropriate candidate for this award.

However, being that the Usgif Scholarship is a need-based scholarship, the preference will be given to those students who can demonstrate financial need.

The deadline to apply for a USGIF Scholarship is May 15, so if you think that you are someone who deserves to be recognized and rewarded for his/her academic achievements, make sure you submit the application form with all the supporting documents prior to this moment.

How to Apply

To apply for the USGIF Scholarship Program you should visit and find the link to the application form.

Everything is done online and is made simple so that everyone interested and eligible can apply.

If you are not eligible, do not waste your time applying.

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