Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers’ Annual Single Mother Scholarship

The Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers’ Annual Single Mother Scholarship is aimed at empowering single mothers, through provision of educational opportunities.

The scholarship awards two (2) slots for financial support, each worth $1000. Financial awards can be used for tuition support and personal upkeep.

Full Description

Single mothers face unique challenges in the course of social and economic interactions. The organization in charge of the Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers’ Annual Single Mother Scholarship offers solutions to challenges facing single mothers. As the organization states on its website, one of the effective ways of overcoming obstacles is through acquisition of education.

Support offered to single mothers is viewed as support for the entire family, where her empowerment is passed on from the mother to the rest of the family members.

Who's eligible?

The eligibility for this scholarship requires that the applicant should;

  • Be a single mother,
  • Be enrolled for an undergraduate program, or
  • Enrolled in an accredited law-school

How to Apply

The application for this scholarship fund should follow the following criteria:

  • Write a 500 or more words essay on the given topic,
  • Submit the essay through the given address,
  • Wait for feedback on qualification for the scholarship.

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