The Reiter & Walsh, P.C. Annual Birth Injury Scholarship

High school, undergraduate, and graduate students with past experiences of birth trauma have the opportunity for application of this scholarship.

The scholarship is worth $1000, and is renewable annually.

Full Description

The organization associated with this scholarship seeks to gain deeper understanding of the challenges associated with birth injuries. Gaining first-hand information and experience from individuals who have gone through, and overcome such traumatic experiences creates the opportunity for assistance of individuals in similar situations.

Hence, student interested in the pursuit of special education, policy or law can benefit from the funding offered through this scholarship award.

Who's eligible?

Eligibility for this scholarship requires that the applicant must;

  • Be a U.S citizen, or have permanent residence in the country,
  • Not have a past present of future potential record of client history with the organization offering the scholarship,
  • Have a GPA score of at least 2.75,
  • Have experienced a birth injury, or have an immediate family member with first-hand experience of such an ordeal

How to Apply

The application for the scholarship should incorporate the following steps;

  • Visit the scholarships application page and download the application forms,
  • Fill-out the required details in the application documents,
  • Attach copies of academic transcripts, multimedia project, and essay on the given topic,
  • Submit the documents via the provided email address,
  • Lookout for feedback on qualification for the scholarship.

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