Oklahoma Christian University New Student Biblical Studies Scholarship

If you are planning to major in any area of Bible or ministry at Oklahoma Christian University, you are eligible to apply for one of 15 scholarships offered by the College of Biblical studies and one of them is the Oklahoma Christian University New Student Biblical Studies Scholarship, which is available thanks to generous donors and sponsors.

Full Description

The Oklahoma Christian University offers a variety of scholarships for new and returning students majoring in preaching, Bible, ministry, vocational ministry and more.

The award amounts vary each year and are determined based on academic profile and demonstrated financial need of the applicants.

Who's eligible?

Oklahoma Christian University does not discriminate against applicants or students on the basis of gender, race, color, disability, or national or ethnic origin.

You should know that Oklahoma Christian University applicants interested in becoming Bible majors are encouraged to apply for College of Biblical Studies endowed scholarship awards.

If you will be majoring in Bible, Bible & Ministry, Preaching, Children’s Ministry, Missions or Youth Ministry, you are highly encouraged to apply for the College of Biblical Studies scholarship and get $4000 award.

Scholarships from the College of Biblical Studies are only available to students majoring within the college and if you do not meet this requirement, you are suggested not to waste your time applying as your application will be rejected.

How to Apply

If you have questions about applying for scholarships from OC’s College of Biblical Studies you can contact Josh Bailey at josh.bailey@oc.edu.

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship from the College of Biblical Studies, you will need to visit the scholarship provider’s official website, click the appropriate link on the right-hand side which will lead you to the application form you are supposed to fill out.

Once all scholarship applications are received when the application process ends, they will be reviewed by the Office of Student Financial Services and the most deserving candidate will be selected.

You should not waste your time waiting if you believe you are eligible and you should apply for this amazing award.

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