National Corn Growers Association Graduate Student Scholarship

NCGA wants to support the research and scientific discovery in production agriculture and that is why they have been offering this amazing award for so many years.

The foundation wants to award the hard work and contributions of students who are working in the areas of Digital/Precision Ag, Germplasm/Breeding, Agronomy, Crop Protection, and Sustainability.

The National Corn Growers Association is offering three kinds of scholarships for the following students:

  • Technical School/Community College Students;
  • Undergraduate Students;
  • Graduate Students

Even though there is one application for all of them, each scholarship may have additional requirements, so make sure you get familiar with the right ones.

However, the basic eligibility requirements remain the same for all our programs.

Full Description

The date by which the application materials must be submitted is December 1st.

This scholarship is for one year and there will be only one recipient who will get a $2500 award.

The lucky recipient will attend the Corn Utilization and Technology Conference (CUTC) in St. Louis, Missouri.

Who's eligible?

The candidates for the National Corn Growers Association Graduate Student Scholarship must meet the eligibility requirements if they want to be considered as possible winners of the award.

First, the applicant must be entering at least his/her second undergraduate year at an accredited college or university.

Then, the applicant must be an NCGA member or son/daughter of an NCGA member.

However, you should know that the employees and the families of employees of NCGA or any division of BASF or their subsidiaries are not eligible for the scholarship.

The scholarship is not available to previous winners.

How to Apply

It is very significant to attach all the required documents so you’re your application packet is complete.

You will need to submit the completed application form and current transcript from junior college, college or university.

Then, three letters of recommendation from non-family members, and from a faculty member are mandatory.

The applicant has to provide a current resume and 500-word essay on the topic “How will you positively impact agriculture in your future career?”

Last but not least, you should write 4-5 paragraphs explaining “What are the three most important issues facing agriculture today?”

Scholarship listed under: Biology Scholarships, Missouri Scholarships

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