Minnesota Masonic Charities Vocational Scholarship

  • Deadline: 02/15/2020
  • Renewable: Unknown
  • Number of Awards: 10
  • Award Amount: $3,000
  • Website: www.mnmasoniccharities.org
  • Phone: 952-948-6202
  • Fax: 952-948-6210
  • Email: kelly.johns@mnmasonic.org
  • Address: 11501 Masonic Home Drive Bloomington, MN 55437-3699

What the foundation offers are ten 2-year and ten vocational/technical awards will be offered each year at $1,500 per year up to two years.

The award is aimed at high school students interested in attending vocational, technical or 2-year college programs.

Full Description

The Minnesota Masonic Charities Scholarships Program is one of the largest and the application process starts on December 1st each year.

Who's eligible?

The Minnesota Masonic Charities Vocational or 2-Year College Scholarships has certain eligibility requirements that have to be met prior to applying for this scholarship.

The eligible students must have graduated from a Minnesota high school.

They have to provide information on their career path or area of study.

Vocational/Technical Scholarship is awarded each year to individuals who are Minnesota residents and are interested in completing a vocational/technical degree or coursework.

You do not have to have a Masonic Affiliation or be a member of a Masonic organization to apply for a scholarship.

All scholarship applicants must be a citizen or permanent legal resident of the United States.

There are no GPA or ACT requirements for vocational/technical school applicants while the eligibility criteria for two-year college attendees are that they must have a grade point average of 2.75 from high school to apply and are enrolled in, or planning to enroll in, a two-year higher education program.

How to Apply

You should follow the instructions so as to successfully complete the Minnesota Masonic Charities Scholarship Application.

What you need to submit is:

  • An official transcript
  • Resume
  • One Short Essay
  • One Letter of Recommendation
  • Optional – Acceptance Letters from any Community College

If you are applying for Vocational/Technical College Scholarships you should provide

  • An official transcript
  • Resume
  • Summary of Planned Career Path
  • One Letter of Recommendation
  • Optional – Acceptance Letters from any Vocational/Technical College

The GPA and ACT score you enter determines whether or not you are eligible for a scholarship.

A Letter of Recommendation may be submitted directly to the Scholarships email by the letter writer or sent to Minnesota Masonic Charities via U.S. mail for inclusion with your application.

Attachments must be saved in a PDF format and must be received by the application deadline date, February 15th.

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