Matt Fong Asian Americans in Public Finance Scholarship

The Matt Fong Asian Americans in Public Finance scholarship has been created to honor the memory of former California state treasurer, Matt Fong, who is known for his dedication to public service, active involvement in opening up opportunities for Asian Americans.

the Matt Fong Asian Americans in Public Finance Scholarship is available thanks to its generous sponsor – The Asian Americans in Public Finance (AAPF).

Since its establishment in 2013, they have awarded 1-2 scholarships a year to students who have demonstrated strong academic achievement, but who at the same time struggle with financial difficulties.

They have noticed the importance of providing support to those students who really deserve it.

Full Description

The scholarship award is $5,000 per student and there are three lucky recipients per year.


Who's eligible?

Just like any other scholarships, the Matt Fong Asian Americans in Public Finance Scholarship has certain eligibility criteria set by the scholarship committee so as to make the decision easier.

The scholarship is available to incoming sophomore, junior or senior at a four-year college or university who must be enrolled in California college or university.

Furthermore, he/she must be pursuing a major in one of the following fields: accounting, political science, public policy, business administration or related fields.

The eligible applicant must be of Asian origin, at least 50% and maintain good academic standing which will be proven by a minimum GPA of 3.0 on the scale of 4.0.

Last, but not least, as this is a need-based scholarship, applicants who can prove financial need will be given preference, as well as to those with a record of community service or volunteer work.

How to Apply

The scholarship application deadline is April 3rd and eligible applicants must submit all the required files prior to that date.

Applications will be available on the Asian Pacific Fund website and besides the application form, the fund must receive all of the following materials:

  •  Essays
  •  Most recent transcript(s) of grades
  •  Resume which will include work experience, school activities, community service, honors & awards
  •  Two letters of recommendation, at least one of which is from a current teacher

Completed application form with supplemental materials must be mailed to:

Asian Pacific Fund Scholarship

465 California Street, Suite 809

San Francisco, CA 94104


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