The Loewy Law Firm Passion for Civil Rights Scholarship

The Loewy Law Firm Passion for Civil Rights Scholarship fund is committed to advancing the values of social justice and promotion of civil rights.

The endowment of this scholarship amounting to $1000 give applicants the opportunity to advance their studies in law.

Full Description

The scholarship award body is a personal injury law firm, which assists struggling families in their fight for social justice. The law firm seeks to engender its values in a qualified applicant, through this scholarship. The end result for the scholarship will be the equipment of the learner with the necessary skills for championing social justice courses.

The interested individuals are also considered on the basis of their passion and interested in working in support of civil rights. The body’s evaluation of applications for award of the scholarship is through written essays. Hence, applicants are able to express their aspiration and future career prospects through writing.

Who's eligible?

The eligibility criteria for the scholarship is as set-up on the scholarships webpage. The eligibility for this scholarship requires that the applicant;

  • Be enrolled in an accredited law school in the United States,
  • Have a minimum GPA score of 3.2,
  • Express their zeal for the advancement of civil rights

How to Apply

In the course of application for this scholarship the applicant should:

  • Visit the scholarships application website,
  • Fill-out personal details as requested on the webpage,
  • Submit their written essays on the provided topic,
  • Wait for confirmation of in case of qualification for the scholarship

Scholarship listed under: Law Scholarships, Texas Scholarships

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