The LAGRANT Foundation Undergraduate Scholarships

The LAGRANT foundation seeks to encourage the pursuit of careers in advertising, marketing and public relations.

The scholarship amount amounting to $2,500 is given to a deserving student, after passing through the vigorous application procedure. The foundation seeks to ensure that only the best student benefits from the scholarship fund.

Full Description

Undergraduate students and incoming freshmen have the opportunity of benefiting from this scholarship award. Partners responsible for funding the scholarship aim at engendering their values concerning advertising, marketing and public relations.

Eligible participants for the scholarship are expected to show their willingness in following through the mentoring program.

Who's eligible?

The eligibility criteria for the scholarship is outlined on the foundation’s website. Eligible applicant should:

  • Be a U.S citizen or permanent resident,
  • Be enrolled in a full-time four-year course at an accredited institution of higher learning,
  • Have a minimum G.P.A score of 2.75
  • Be in the final year of College education
  • Express willingness to attend an event for the award of the scholarship

How to Apply

The application steps are outlined in the organization’s website. In the course of application, the individual should:

  • Fill-out the application form for the scholarship,
  • Attach current and updated resume
  • Attch head-shot photo
  • Attach official transcripts, or letter of admission into college

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