Iowa Farm Bureau Scholarship

Iowa Farm Bureau Federation awards 54 students $1,000 scholarships each year.

Six recipients are selected from each of the nine Iowa Farm Bureau districts.

Full Description

The IFBF Scholarship can be used for the payment of tuition fees only.

What is considered a great fact is that it is renewable for an undergraduate degree in case all reapplication criteria set by IFBF are met.

Who's eligible?

The scholarship is available only to those who meet the eligibility requirements, meaning that not everybody can apply.

The eligible people are sons and daughters of Iowa Farm Bureau members and student’s parents must be in good standing with his/her respective county Farm Bureau and IFBF.

The award can be given only to students who are pursuing a two- or four-year college degree, majoring in agriculture, nursing, or education.

Specific fields of study that are eligible can be found in the application and those who do not study them should not waste their time applying.

If you happen to get the award, you are required to maintain at least a 12-hour workload or be considered by the institution as a full-time student, paying full-time tuition.

Furthermore, your cumulative minimum 2.5-grade point average must be maintained throughout their college career to continue to qualify for the four-year renewable scholarship.

Graduate students are not eligible for the Iowa Farm Bureau Scholarship.

How to Apply

The eligible applicants should submit the application form which must be filled out with accurate and honest answers and it is very important that you answer each question.

The applicant has to include an official transcript signed by a high school or college/university official and a copy of your official SAT/ACT composite score notification.

You will also have to make and submit a list of all agricultural clubs/activities that you have participated in.

Furthermore, it is good to indicate your positions of leadership, and activities in which you participated and the impact you have made.

The applicant must also provide the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) as calculated by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Scholarship listed under: Iowa Scholarships, Veterinary Scholarships

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