Hazen and Sawyer Scholarship

The Hazen and Sawyer Scholarship has the aim to financially support people interested in sustainability and water infrastructure noticing the importance of involving younger generations into this field of study.

The scholarship is awarded thanks to the generosity of the American Water Works Association which is the main sponsor.

Full Description

Hazen and Sawyer scholarship amount is $5,000 and it will be awarded to only one student seeking a master’s degree in the water science field.

This is a non-renewable award, and the recipient will not only get the money, but the winner will also receive funds to attend the annual conference in order to receive the award.

Who's eligible?

Applications and information are available from the American Water Works Association website.

In addition to the completed application form which becomes available the moment the application process opens, students must first meet the eligibility requirements for this award.

Selection is determined according to the applicant’s qualifications and desires to become a leader in research and consulting in the drinking water field of study.

How to Apply

Before applying for any kind of scholarship, it is important to get acquainted with the application requirements and the process itself.

For the AWWA scholarships, the application process is the same, as there is one online application for all level scholarships.

Besides filling out the application form with honest answers, you are supposed to submit a letter of recommendation from a person not related to you.

It is mandatory to include Academic or Research Advisor Letter of Recommendation for Graduate level scholarships.

Then, you are supposed to attach a proposed plan of research consisting of three pages of text including supporting figures.

References are not required, but you might include them.

You are also supposed to attach your most recent transcript(s) of all university education and unofficial transcripts are also accepted.

Last, but not least, copy in your resume a two-page maximum length that includes all colleges and universities attended, dates, major fields of study, grade point average.

Once you gather all these documents and meet the eligibility requirements, you are highly encouraged to submit the application and you will become a possible winner of numerous scholarships offered by the AWWA.

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