Hal and Jo Cohen Graduate Nursing Faculty Scholarship

With the aim to expand the number of Nursing professionals the Health Service Cost Review Commission (HSCRC) allocated a fund to finance the nursing schools in Maryland.  One of the beneficiary schools is the Hal and Jo Cohen Graduate Nursing Faculty Scholarship (referred to hereafter as Graduate Nursing Faculty Scholarship). It was in 2005 when the funding of 0.1% was given as aide to the nursing schools located in Maryland.

Full Description

All tuition fees and academic expenses is handled by the Graduate Nursing Faculty Scholarship. It had varied approved nursing study plan for which you might choose to gain access both in public and private schools or colleges in Maryland. Award amount given to the chosen scholar is subject to the availability of funds thus not all applicants are qualified to avail the grants.

The award grant for the scholarship will be based on the financial statement reflected on the enrollments data in your application form. Some amount will be adjusted in order to cover the actual dollar amount tantamount to academic fees.

Who's eligible?

  • Applicant must be a resident of Maryland and must be under nursing majors
  • Either a full time or part time student at Maryland colleges or Universities
  • A GPA 3.0 or higher is a requirement otherwise not eligible
  • A community service at Maryland is a requirement in return of the availed scholarship
  • Post graduate under nursing employed in Maryland as Nurse staff can also avail of the scholarship but added year for service support to the community

How to Apply

  • Visit the website for online application form
  • provide your school transcript of records
  • Sponsorship Form duly signed by the college dean or director
  • Submission of application will be on July 1 December 1 and before April 1 of the year
  • Awards will be given to successful candidate after application assessments

Scholarship listed under: Maryland Scholarships, Nursing Scholarships

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