Creative California College Scholarship

The Creative California College Scholarship is committed to the development of the internet marketing landscape. One of the main approaches is through prediction of future course of events, insofar as internet marketing is concerned.

The scholarship award amounts to $500, which is given to the qualifying individual.

Full Description

The internet landscape and marketing scenes are changing rapidly. As this scholarship’s organization notes on its website, the internet marketing strategies that worked yesteryear no longer work today. The future might hold a similar trend, where new products and innovations remain necessary in the future operations of internet marketing.

Interested applicants have the opportunity of showcasing their ability to project into the future with regards to internet marketing. The process of research and drawing the results is supported through this scholarship, which rewards the outstanding works among numerous submissions.

Who's eligible?

Individuals eligible for the scholarship are required to have fulfilled the following criteria:

  • Be 18 years of age or above,
  • Be enrolled into a post-secondary institution of learning in the United States,
  • Express readiness to participate in the essay writing competition according to provided guidelines,

How to Apply

The application process is as set out on the scholarships application webpage. The applicant should:

  • Fill-out their personal details online, through the given webpage,
  • Write an essay of between 500-1,500 words in English language, on the given topic,
  • Upload the complete essay, along with the required academic transcripts
  • Look forward to feedback from the essay-evaluation judges.

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