CINTAS Knight Foundation Fellowship in Visual Art

The CINTAS foundation in partnership with the Miami Dade College offers scholarships for the media arts. The fellowships offered are non-academic in nature, and are intended to nurture artistic talent among Cubans.

The foundation categorically aims to support architectural, literature, and visual arts among Cubans, and individuals of Cuban descent.

Full Description

The scholarships have so far offered assistance to Cuban citizens, and helped them recreate their own stories through the visual arts. The foundation outlines the areas available for scholarship. Scholarships through the foundation focus on photography, film and media arts.

Applicants have the opportunity to showcase their existing creative works, and include the same during the application process. Creative works posted for application of the scholarship will increase the individual’s chances of selection for the scholarship award.

Special application guidelines exist for each of the arts categories.

Who's eligible?

According to the information given on the CINTAS foundation’s website, eligibility for the scholarship requires that the applicant:

  • Be of Cuban Citizenship
  • Offer proof of Cuban descent

How to Apply

The application process for securing the scholarship is dependent on the applicant’s portfolio of past creative works. The procedure is unique as per the applicants area of interest. The general application procedure is as follows:

  • Create a portfolio for your past completed artistic projects,
  • Write a personal statement on your development as an artist,
  • Create digital copies of the individual creative pieces,
  • Attach recommendation letters, written in English or Spanish,
  • Send your portfolio to the CINTAS fellowship selection program, through direct mail.

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