California Broadcasters Association Scholarship

The California Broadcasters Association (CBA) is composed of radio and television stations in California and it awards scholarships for radio and television each semester.

The Association Board of Directors awards two $1,000 scholarships for radio and two $1000 scholarships for television each semester to support college student working as an intern at any California Broadcasters Association member radio or television station.

Full Description

Once you go through the application requirements and see that you are eligible, you are highly encouraged to try your luck and apply for it.

Who's eligible?

The applicants have to be eligible so as to be accepted as possible winners of this award.

They need to be enrolled college students working as an intern at any California Broadcasters Association member radio or television station.

What students like is that there are no minimum hours per week requirements.

Also, the eligible applicants can be an employee or their child of a CBA member station enrolled as a college student majoring in a broadcast-related field such as communications, journalism, engineering, marketing, etc.).

The applicant must be currently enrolled in a California school or be up to 6 months graduated with an overall GPA of 2.5.

The immediate family of current Board Members is not eligible.

How to Apply

The California Broadcasters Association Scholarship Application Form is available on the scholarship provider’s official website once the application process starts.

From that moment on, you can visit the website, click on the link and it will guide you through the application process.

It is important to provide accurate and honest answers to the questions about your personal and educational history.

If you determined your eligibility, you should apply for this amazing award.

You need to complete the application and electronically submit it to Daliah Karajeh via email to

Also, you are supposed to send additional required items by postal mail to the CBA address – The California Broadcasters Association 915 L Street, Suite 1150 Sacramento, CA 95814.

The application will be considered incomplete until all materials have been received.

Additionally, late applications will be rejected so make sure you get familiar with the due date and submit it prior to that moment.

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