Alex Ozols Aspiring Lawyer Scholarship

The award of this scholarship is aimed at supporting students in law school. The main objective of the sponsorship award is to encourage motivation and passion in the pursuit of law-related careers.

The scholarship comes with $2000 award, given to the qualifying applicant.

Full Description

Ozols law firmĀ operates from San Diego and deals in criminal defense. The scholarship award seeks to engender the values portrayed by the firm’s founder, Alex Ozols. Through determination, motivation and passion, the founder was able to overcome considerable challenges and establish the law firm.

Supporting students through law-related careers is intended for the improvement of the profession, and assist the student in the pursuit of their studies.

Who's eligible?

The eligibility for this scholarship requires that the student must:

  • Be enrolled in a U.S accredited law school,
  • Offer proof of U.S or Canadian citizenship,
  • Offer proof of financial need,
  • Be enrolled in a fultime course

How to Apply

The application process should follow the criteria given below:

  • Fill-out personal details on the online applications webpage,
  • Submit essay on any of the given topics,
  • Look-out for feedback on qualification for the scholarship.

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