ACF American Advertising Federation-NM Scholarship

The American Advertising Federation-New Mexico (AAF-NM) Scholarship Fund is doing their best to support students by providing scholarships to those most deserving ones who intend to enter the advertising profession and are currently maintaining a marketing internship.

Usually, one or two awards up to $1,400 are given annually.

Full Description

The American Advertising Federation-New Mexico (AAF-NM) Scholarship Fund has been established with the aim to help a junior or senior majoring in Business, Journalism, Strategic Communications, Advertising and Marketing, Graphic Design, Fine Art, Photography, or Illustration and who can take advantage of this scholarship as it can be used for paying the expensive educational costs.

Who's eligible?

The scholarship committee has determined certain criteria which have to be met so as to be accepted as an eligible candidate for this award.

Applicant must be a  New Mexico resident enrolled full-time as an undergraduate student in his or her junior or senior year or a New Mexico resident enrolled as a graduate student.

He/she has to be attending a New Mexico four-year nonprofit or public educational institution and in one of the following fields:

  • Business with a marketing emphasis
  • Journalism with an advertising emphasis
  • Strategic communications
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Graphic design, Fine art, Photography, or Illustration while maintaining a career focus in advertising or public relations.

Furthermore, the eligible applicant is the one that has a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0, while maintaining a marketing internship.

How to Apply

Now that you are sure you are eligible for this scholarship, you are highly encouraged to apply for it by submitting a personal essay in which you will be speaking about your career goals and what steps you will take to position yourself for a successful career in your chosen field.

Then, you are supposed to provide your current resume or curriculum vitae, as well as an official transcript.

The required documentation is one reference letter from a current academic teacher or counselor, while a  letter of reference from an employer is optional.

If you happen to be the lucky recipient, you must have at least one remaining semester to complete your degree from the time the scholarship is awarded.

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