Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Visual Arts Fellowship

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship Program offers scholarships in support of visual arts and art history.

The scholarship fund gives scholarships in various categories, respective of the demands of the highlighted visual arts course. To date, the fund has issued financial aid totaling $5.5 Million.

Full Description

Individual funding sources are credited with the maintenance of the scholarships. The late John Lee Pratt made considerable contribution to the scholarship fund, prior to his demise. Additional funding sources that have kept the scholarship active include donations from the Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation and the J. Warwick McClintic Jr. Scholarship fund.

Individuals in various categories of the visual arts can benefit from the scholarship fund. Professional, Graduate, Undergraduate and Senior High school students engaged in art-related careers and studies have the opportunity for scholarship application.

Who's eligible?

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship has outlined the eligibility criteria for individuals interested in making applications for the scholarship. The eligibility criteria requires that:

  • Professional, graduate, and undergraduate applicants be U.S citizens or permanent residents, and remain so in the course of fellowship
  • Enrolled or seeking enrollment for courses in the visual arts,
  • Applicants be in a position to present valid identification documents

How to Apply

The application process involves a series of steps. One can follow the steps below in the course of the application:

  • Fill-out the application form and upload through the provided link,
  • Prepare work samples in readiness for submission,
  • Fill-out personal artistic statement, and send along with the work samples,
  • Attach copies of academic transcripts for proof of involvement in the visual arts.

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