Udall Undergraduate Scholarship

  • Deadline: Not Available
  • Renewable: Unknown
  • Number of Awards: 60
  • Award Amount: $7,000
  • Website: http://www.udall.gov/OurPrograms/Scholarship/Scholarship.aspx
  • Phone: 520.901.8500
  • Fax: 520.670.5530
  • Email: kbaker@udall.gov
  • Address: Morris K. Udall and Stewart L. Udall Foundation 130 South Scott Avenue, Tucson, Arizona 85701 1825 K St. NW, Suite 701, Washington, DC 20006

The Udall Foundation awards scholarships to 2nd and 3rd year college students who has strong leadership capabilities, an eye for public service and commitment to issues concerning the American Indian nations or to the environment. This scholarship grant honors Morris Udall and Stewart Udall, both of whose careers had a vital contribution on American Indian self-governance, health care, and the management of public lands and the environment as a whole.

Full Description

The Udall Foundation provides scholarships to undergraduate college students, specifically those on their 2nd and 3rd year who has leadership capabilities.

They are those who are willing to take responsibilities and are committed to public service and other issues involving American Indian nations as well as the environment.

If you are an individual who is driven to provide positive solutions to environmental challenges or other issues relating to the Indian country then you are encouraged to apply.

Who's eligible?

The following are the requirements for scholarship qualification:

  • full time college students on their 2nd and 3rd year who are working towards viable solutions to environmental challenges or other issues affecting the Indian country.
  • has lived up to his commitment on one of those aspects through public service.
  • has become the team leader and set a good example that motivated others to do the same.
  •  committed to making a difference through his accomplishments.

How to Apply

The following are the steps to apply for Udall Undergraduate Scholarship:

Step 1: It is very important to make sure that the Udall Scholarship is suitable for you. Review About the Scholarship and Who Should Apply to confirm.

Step 2: Find your Faculty rep. The online application can only be accessed by the school faculty’s representative. Coordinate with them as soon as possible as most of the schools have set their own deadlines up to six months in advance as compared to the Foundation’s deadline.

Step 3: Review the sample application. The Udall Scholarship is regarded as a highly competitive award, so you better begin as early as now start for you to prepare the best application. Coordinate with your faculty rep as you go through your application.

Step 4: Make sure you prepare all the important documents like letters of recommendation and transcripts as you will be needing them during the course of your application.

Step 5: Make sure to double check your application so that you won’t miss out on anything. You can check out Advice and Guidance for more details.

Udall Scholars are selected on the basis of

  • Commitment to a career related to the environment, or to tribal public policy, or to American Indian health care.
  • Leadership, public service, consensus building, and integrity.
  • Academic achievement.
  • An understanding of the Udall legacy, demonstrated through the application essay.

The Udall Scholarship online application will open October 1. Please coordinate with your campus faculty representative to register for the online application. If no faculty representative is listed for your school, please call the Udall Foundation Scholarship Program Manager at 520-901-8500 for advice for recruiting a faculty rep.

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