Two/Ten Footwear Higher Education Scholarship

Two/Ten Footwear Higher Education Scholarship gives financial aid to students through its scholarship programs for those who successfully qualify for the requirements and in need financially.

The applicants must not only excel in academics but in personal character as well. An award grant amounting to $3,000 is a big aid financially to sustain studies in college, may it be a certificate or four year course. This scholarship is intended for the Nurses students and is renewable annually subject to the guidelines set forth by the scholarship Committee.

Full Description

The main mission of the Two/Ten Footwear Higher Education Scholarship organization is to strengthen the education process of the community through financial aid and social support.

It is a non government charitable organization which gives supports to students in studying the nursing programs through the amount granted as financial assistance. Membership to this organization requires no fees just sole service to the community and donations which will go to the organization fund.

Who's eligible?

  • Parents of the applicants must be employed for two years in the footwear business
  • Resident and Non -U.S. resident can avail of the programs
  • Must be enrolled in a Nursing school or is planning to enroll in the nursing program
  • Must have a rating of GPA 2.5 or higher

How to Apply

In order to access the scholarship application form, applicants must create first an account  in the website and log in to the scholarship application process. All application is submitted electronically thus no mail applications will be entertained.

It may seemed that deadline has passed but the renewal of the scholarship and applications re opens anytime.

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