Sophie and Hans Scholl Memorial Scholarship

The foundation and the scholarship are named in honor of two young resistance fighters in Nazi Germany – Sophie and Hans Scholl.

They are known because they staunchly opposed to Hitler and paid the highest possible price.

So, the main aim of this scholarship is to enable young Americans to broaden their horizon and equip them with the tools necessary to stand up for their ideals and against injustice.


Full Description

Sophie and Hans Scholl Memorial Foundation is dedicated to improving intercultural relations between the US and Germany.

That is why, since its establishment, it has been sponsoring young Americans to enroll in German-related university and college degrees.

Who's eligible?

The Sophie and Hans Scholl Memorial Scholarship is available to all Nevada public high school seniors who are wishing to study political science, German language or a German-related field.

Furthermore, those students who also wish to enroll in a university in Germany are eligible to apply.

The other eligibility requirement is that the applicant must be in good academic standing with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

If a student majors in international diplomacy, he/she is required to take a German course so as to be eligible for the award.

Ineligible applications will not be taken into consideration, while eligible applicants are highly encouraged to apply.

How to Apply

Once you determine your eligibility, you should get acquainted with the application requirements as well.

The applicant is required to elaborate on their specific college plans when applying, as well as on autobiographical information that might not be obvious for non-Americans to grasp.

Then, he/she will need to answer a supplemental question: Will you be entering a German related field?

The part of the application process is the submission of one essay of 500 words on, “How will you benefit from this scholarship?”

The applicants must include autobiographical information where appropriate and state the relatedness of their chosen degree to German or Germany.

If you have gathered all these, and the application process has started, you can visit the scholarship provider’s official website and find the application form which you are supposed to complete with accurate and submit.

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