The Kress Foundation Interpretive Fellowships at Art Museums

The Kress Interpretive Fellowship at Art Museums program offers grants for professional development in art.

The scholarship award amounts to $30,000, and is renewed annually for the qualified individuals.

Full Description

Students interested in the pursuit of art and history-related careers have the opportunity of advancing their studies through this scholarship. The scholarship award body works in collaboration with art museums, for the sponsorship of interns in art museum education.

According to the scholarships body, Individuals taken through the program will be equipped with skills necessary for handling the learning needs of widely diverse audiences.

Who's eligible?

According to the scholarships organization, the scholarships award is offered in support of art-related professional courses.

The participating museums with intentions of hosting a Kress Interpretive fellow should forward their applications for scholarship. Eligibility for the scholarship requires that, the Individual have completed a degree in art education, art history or studio art.

How to Apply

Application for the scholarship is through filling the application form and submit it along with letters of recommendation, curriculum vitae, and copies of academic transcripts.

After the submission of application, the applicant should look-out for notification on their qualification for the scholarship.

Scholarship listed under: Art Scholarships, New York Scholarships

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