Emily M. Hewitt Memorial Scholarship

The Emily M. Hewitt Memorial Scholarship is awarded by the Calaveras Big Trees Association. The scholarship worth $1,000 is given on merit, to upper division or graduate students enrolled for environmental courses. The scholarship was founded in memory of Emily M. Hewitt.

Full Description

Emily M. Hewitt was an educator and environmentalist. She was committed to the preservation of the natural environment, and explanation of natural phenomenon in an interesting way.

In honor of her memory, her family set-up a scholarship fund for students interested in environmental studies. The scholarship aims to empower students with environmental interests and share in Emily M. Hewitt’s ideals.

As stated in the organization’s website, the interpretation of natural phenomenon is central to the scholarship award. The scholarship award for 2024 will give the chance to a candidate interested in sharing their passion in environmental conservation.

Who's eligible?

Eligibility for the scholarship award is based on the applicant’s interest in the interpretation of natural phenomenon. The love for nature should come along with the interpretation of the selected natural phenomenon in an interesting and easily understood manner. Additional requirements for consideration during the time of application include:

  • Enrolled in a California post-secondary institution of learning,
  • Enrolled for a course in environmental studies
  • Career and educational goals should coincidence with Emily M. Hewitt’s ideals on the environment,
  • Proof of financial need

How to Apply

As the CBTA states on its website, the application process is open to all eligible individuals, regardless of their academic background. The procedure is easy to follow, and gives interested individuals the opportunity to secure the scholarship. The application procedures requires:

  • Download the application forms from the association’s website,
  • Fill-in all the required fields and attach the necessary documents, including resume and academic transcripts,
  • Submission through the email provided.

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