Baizer Kolar P.C. Personal Injury Scholarship Opportunity

Baizer & Kolar, P.C is committed to giving assistance to students who have suffered from accidents, or have experienced its effects through relatives experiences. The organization gives scholarships to students who have experienced the challenges associated with injuries sustained through accidents.

The $1000 award associated with this scholarship is geared toward giving financial assistance to students living with accident injuries.

Full Description

Educational expenses are strenuous and demanding for students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate courses. The demands are usually higher for students living with injuries sustained through accidents.

The financial award given through this scholarship is thus intended for the assistance of such students in offsetting their tuition fees.

The financial assistance associated with this scholarship is further geared toward helping the selected students in stress-free pursuit of their studies, through reduced emotional trauma.

The reassurance of help and assistance through tuition payment will ensure students have confidence in their ability at successful completion of studies.

Who's eligible?

The eligibility criteria for this scholarship requires that the applicant;

  • Be currently enrolled or pending enrollment into an accredited institution of higher learning,
  • Have a minimum GPA score of at least 3.0,
  • Has sustained injuries from the event of an accident, or experienced the effects of another’s accident.

How to Apply

The application procedure required for this scholarship outlines;

  • Completion of the application form,
  • Attachment of academic transcript,
  • Completion and attachment of a 500-600 words related to personal experiences with accident event or that of a related individual,
  • Look-out for notification on successful award of the scholarship.

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