American Indian Nurse Scholarship Program

It was in 1972 when the American Indian Nurse Scholarship Award Program was created. Its main goal is to help the American Indians continue their studies in nursing course.

In return to the community the scholars are anticipated to provide community services to the American Indians.

Full Description

American Indian Nurse Scholarship Award Program was initiated in order to help nursing students in their career path. This enable the nurses to continue their studies with the aim of helping other American Indians too with their return community services.

Other students serve in the hospitals where most American Indians dwell. Though originally, it caters only the female nurses but it expand to all genre.

Scholarship grant is worth $1,500 for every semester with the condition that students must maintain a good scholastic records. The grants is for school tuition fee and other academic related expenses only.

The scholarship is renewable every semester with the maintained good rating in academics.

Who's eligible?

  • Applicant must belong to an American Indian consanguinity
  • Graduated High School or enrolled in a college accredited program
  • Presently studying as nurse and must possess a high scholastic academic rating
  • One must be a graduate of a nursing program after two years  in Associate Degree Certificate
  • If enrolled in a Bachelor Degree then one must graduate after four years time
  • Those who wanted to pursue their Post graduate Degree then you are also qualified to apply
  • Must be a recomendee of the Guidance Counselor of other staff of the school
  • Must write a letter of need for financial assistance and not a availed of any scholarship grants from Indian Health program
  • Should have a passion in serving the Indian people and must serve in the American Indian Community

How to Apply

For application process, you can visit their website directly and fill in online application form for data records and references.

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